"Today and every day I choose to be a sheepdog, and will continue to stand and fight against the wolves who come out of the dark to destroy me, or others who are like me!"  

Dan "Chasing Wolf " Meadows

Welcome Wolf Chasers!

I Chase The Wolves - A "Chase The Wolf" Book Series

"Wolf Bit'z"

"Protecting The Tribe"

Our book series has nothing to do with the wolves of the wild. They have their own respective place in our world and in the wild and should be respected accordingly.

This book series is geared on depicting the wolves as the evil we see daily.  It is the evil that we find in criminals, thuglians, corrupt politicians, terrorists and anarchists alike.  We also find it in others who are hell bent on destroying this nation and our world, through their own destructive means, societal collapse, criminal acts and terrorist events.

"To Those Who Give Chase"

Chase The Wolf

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